I want to talk to you today about Doctor Scholl’s inserts. It’s a question I get all the time in the office so I thought I’d put it out here and answer that question for you very simply and concisely. And the truth of the matter is those inserts that you get at Walmart any of the big box stores like that’s great for cushioning but they don’t give you any arch support. They don’t give you that true relief that you need for true plantar fasciitis. Someone is having some generalized foot pain they may get some benefit from it there certainly is a role that those play. But for the vast majority of people that I see in the office, I tell them to stay away from those inserts.

And then there’s this machine at Walmart this is that dr. Scholl’s machine that says custom orthotics. First off it is not custom. There’s nothing customized about it that’s very misleading a custom orthotic requires you to have a mold of your foot it’s tailored specifically to your foot. With this machine, they give you about eight different choices maybe not even that many I’d have to look at it again. They give you several choices of inserts that would be the best fit for your foot. So what it does is it takes a pressure map of your foot kind of balances you out see where you’re putting your weight and then directs you to an insert. The inserts are very similar there’s not a big difference between one or the other and honestly, I think if you stick their blue one or their yellow one or they’re red one into your shoe you’re not going to notice a big difference. There’s nothing customized for it it’s not worth the $50.

If you need an insert for work boots I would recommend you get Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles. So my advice is to save your money. Although they mean well they’re not making true orthotics there’s nothing custom for it and go see a foot doctor and find out what you need before you waste your money on a custom doctor Scholl’s product. But the Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Advanced Inserts are a really good choice for the money. I also recommend that you use the right socks for your work boots.

By Dr. Matthew Neuhaus

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