Copper pipe repair becomes necessary whenever a leak develops to prevent mold, damage to walls, ceilings or floors, or other items that water would ruin. How to repair the damaged pipe depends on several factors:

  • How severe is the damage
  • Whether soldering the pipe is possible due to location
  • Cost
  • Skill level of homeowner

If the hole is small like a pinhole size then repairing the copper pipe is as easy as cutting the pipe at the hole with a pipe cutter placing a coupler at the place where the pipe was cut and soldering it. However, if the damage is greater due to perhaps freezing then a larger section of the pipe will have to be cut out and replaced. Then the replacement pipe will have to be soldered in at the couplers where the pipes join.

Clamps are also an option for repairing small pinhole size leaks. They are available at hardware stores. A rubber gasket is wrapped around the pipe then a clamp is tightened that fits around the pipe and gasket sealing the leak. Not recommended hidden in walls or ceilings but would be fine in areas that could be accessed if needed to be.

I found a very interesting article comparing PEX vs Copper vs CPVC and choosing the best PEX crimp tools. If you have some free time, I recommend reading it!

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