The past couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least. The kids have both been in a burnout mood, older more than younger. The curriculum I picked out has not worked out as I had hoped. It was all on the computer, so instead of doing their work they would play games or watch Netflix.

Since the holidays are upon us, I have decided to take this time and use it to my advantage. For the next couple of weeks, we will just be using this time to review what we have learned so far. We only have about two to three weeks left for the year. During this time, I am also going to change our curriculum.

For math and some language arts, we will keep a good bit of this online. I am changing how we do this though. I am including IXL into the mix. They now have practice in both areas, which is helpful. We will do our main lesson like we have been in the past couple of weeks, working on the dry/erase boards. From there, we will practice on IXL until they have mastered the material.

For history, I am going to create my own unit studies while still incorporating Story of the World. I will be adding in more books from the library also. We are still going to study ancient histories this year. We are also adding in short units for presidents and states and capitals.

We will still be doing zoology for our science. I am going to be including more videos and smaller units on certain types of animals. The curriculum we were using for zoology was kind of dry, and the boys got bored with it really quickly. I understand that there are things that need to be covered, but I plan on finding a way to include this while keeping it short and sweet.

Change is scary, especially when it involves something major that affects the kid’s education. I want to make learning fun for them, something they want to do and not just have to do. They are on that road already since we have started homeschooling, but I want to keep with this road. If it helps my kids, then it is worth it. I believe this in any area not just learning.

Have you had to change your curriculum in the middle of the year?

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