Right now, the Powerball is sitting over 200+ million dollars just waiting for some lucky sap or saps to take it home and buy all the things their hearts desire. Sure, some folks say they’re going to solve world hunger or clothe the poor, but most people are going to go out and buy all the things. There are more than a handful of folks who won and are now living a life of shame for blowing through their earnings. This does not surprise me as people who come into this kind of money typically have no idea how to manage it. This amount of money seems so large that someone can’t imagine even being able to spend that kind of money in one lifetime, but it can be and has been done. Check out these crazies who once were the luckiest folks on the block only to be broke as shit now.

1. Abraham Shakespeare – Murdered! This poor guy was hounded by his friends and family for money after winning a $30 million jackpot. He ended up meeting and hooking up with some mystery woman. She was able to persuade him to transfer his assets to her name, and then BOOM! He disappeared into the thin, blue air. His friend was sentenced to life in prison for his murder.

2. Urooj Khan – Murdered by poisoning. One day after this gentleman won a measly 1 million dollars (come on, all things considered with the current jackpot, this is nothing!) he drops dead. Autopsy discovers he was poisoned with cyanide. Who would commit such a crime? Unsure.

3. Michael Carroll – Get this! This guy blew his money on cocaine and hookers!! Didn’t we just hear some idiot say that’s what he would spend the cash on?? Well, he should be careful not to end up like Michael. Michael blew through 300K in a matter of a couple of weeks. Within one year he was a million dollars in debt and filing bankruptcy. His life ended at age 65 while he was collecting food stamps. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would wind up on food stamps after winning 15 million dollars, but I guess hoes ain’t cheap!

4. Andrew “Jack” Whittaker – Talk about a tragic story! This man had already built his wealth through hard work and was estimated to be worth about 17 million when he bought the winning ticket. He won 315 million in the lottery and was hit with a string of bad, bad luck. After donating 14 million to Christian charities, and supplying the woman at the convenience store who sold him the ticket with a new truck and a new house, he was robbed of 545K cash that sat in his car as he sat watching strippers shake their boobies in his face. Who the hell leaves 545K in their damn car!? I guess to him that was no different than had I left $5 in my car. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…well, Mr. Whittaker again left 200K in his car, which was also stolen from him. It was later recovered, but damn dude! Stop leaving cash in your car!! In addition to that, his granddaughter’s boyfriend overdosed on drugs and died in Whittaker’s home and a few months later, his granddaughter did the same thing. Lastly, he was sued, never paid the debt, and he claims to be flat broke. His famous last words: “I wish I’d torn up that ticket.”

And lastly for your viewing pleasure…the top 10 stupidest lottery winners ever! So you see my friends, you may think life sucks for an average broke-ass American, but here’s the alternative. The grass isn’t always greener, and with that, as you get ready for work this morning, don’t despair your broke situation, embrace it as you sip your ramen noodles for lunch knowing that you are better off than these folks!

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