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Unless you accidentally opened this page, you can read the guidelines to publish an article on MyPeaceOfFood.
Please read through all the guidelines to learn how to submit a piece that has a better chance of acceptance. Please understand, we love to work with writers who want to write exceptional pieces that are a great fit for MPoF. We are looking for a reason to say yes to your submission. So work hard to make sure that we don’t have a reason to say no, by reading through the guidelines below and sending us your best ideas and pieces.

Who can guest post?

Anyone with a similar niche or a niche that ties in with the main topics of MyPeaceOfFood, DIY can request to submit a guest post. While MyPeaceOfFood, DIY accepts the guest post, it does not sponsor posts. Additionally, guest posts can include a link back to your site. The link must not link back to a product or service to be considered a guest post.

Types of content accepted:

All posts must be unique and used only for My Peace Of Food, DIY.
Content topics include Recipe, DIY, Home Improvement, and Tool Reviews but are not exclusive.

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