Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

A while back, I saw someone’s post about a Thanks Tree. I wish I remembered who posted it so I could give credit. I’m sorry about that. Well, I did a version of that with my kids. It started with an art project we were working on for Fall. First, the kids colored with crayons, then paint, and then markers. Then we added construction paper leaves. After all of that was dry, I had the kids put paint handprints on the paper. It was supposed to be on the tree but didn’t quite end up that way.

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Chicken and Mushrooms in the Crock-Pot

“Chicken, again???” (how many times have you heard that one!)
“Yesss,…” and this is one your family will love you for!

Crock-Pots are the greatest invention, especially for busy moms. This recipe is adapted from one I found on AllRecipes. However, like the majority of recipes I find, they don’t meet our dietary needs. Case in point, this recipe while I’m sure is great the way it is, doesn’t necessarily have any health benefits, extra fat/calories that aren’t necessary. Plus, I felt it was lacking freshness from using real mushrooms vs those from a can.

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Gluten-Free Chicken

There is nothing more than loving the one fast food place your mother actually allows you to eat & then having to go Gluten-Free. My children have no problem in ordering the grilled chick nuggets, but seriously can you resist those fried nuggets being a kid? I’m an adult and those things have a certain ‘something’ to ‘em. Even if you only take just one out of your child’s ”kids meal”- c’mon you know you do!

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