5 Things We Are Giving Up (temporarily) To Reach Our Goals

That may seem like a bizarre concept, but when we get to the root of our troubles, we may think we are doing everything to fix the situation when in reality we are just stalling the situation. If we don’t set out a plan that has intentional behaviors, we are doomed to fail. Case in point: “I want to lose weight.” Ok, great. That sounds like an awesome goal, but what are you going to DO to lose weight. “Well, I am going to eat better.” Ok, awesome. What the hell does that mean? That is not being intentional. That is letting life live you when you should be the one in control. A more intentional approach would be to say that you are going to invest in a meal planning service like Emeals and grocery shop every Saturday and then do all meal prep on Sunday. You are now in control so that when 3 pm on Wednesday rolls around and you are starved you know that your dinner has already been planned and you won’t cave into eating out that night wasting both money and precious calories. Intentional living isn’t just saying what you want. It is dreaming, planning, and then doing.

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The Kid’s Table

Growing up, my siblings and I had the coolest kid’s table ever. The table itself was nothing fancy, but the memories are unforgettable. There were 4 stools, and the stools and table had a white hard-plastic surface that nothing would stick to. At that table, we ate, we played, we laughed, but most of all we created. My mom was an art teacher, and her creativity was unmatched. Somehow she managed to come up with projects that all three of us at different ages could accomplish. We colored, painted, glued, and constructed masterpieces. Sadly, we all grew up and eventually didn’t fit anymore, but the table lived on. It eventually made its way into my mom’s art studio where it continued fostering the creativity of her littlest students for 10 years. Now, this table, a little worse for wear, is at the center of a very busy basement where my 2 beautiful nieces and newest nephew spend their cold or rainy days…being kids.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

I love Autumn! Crisp weather, crisp leaves, fuzzy sweaters, and red cheeks, LOVE IT! Halloween sort of ushers in the holiday season and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed that most stores tend to jump straight from ghouls and goblins to holly and ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’. What happened to Thanksgiving? Rather than lament the ways of the world and decry commercialism, I’ve decided to focus on my holiday traditions and go at my own pace.

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Unlucky Lottery Winners – The Lottery That Broke Them All

Right now, the Powerball is sitting over 200+ million dollars just waiting for some lucky sap or saps to take it home and buy all the things their hearts desire. Sure, some folks say they’re going to solve world hunger or clothe the poor, but most people are going to go out and buy all the things. There are more than a handful of folks who won and are now living a life of shame for blowing through their earnings. This does not surprise me as people who come into this kind of money typically have no idea how to manage it. This amount of money seems so large that someone can’t imagine even being able to spend that kind of money in one lifetime, but it can be and has been done. Check out these crazies who once were the luckiest folks on the block only to be broke as shit now.

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Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw

One of the blogs I follow is Kelly’s Korner. She’s such a sweet Southern momma of 3 precious kids. Once upon a time ago, she has started a Friday series called “Show Us Your Life”, where people can share recipes, get decorating tips, and even play matchmaker! I find that I am constantly trying to figure out what to serve with our main dishes and I’ve come across a recipe recently that has become one of my summer favorites! It’s a Spicy Coleslaw – now I’m not typically a coleslaw person AT ALL, but this recipe has turned me into a huge fan. It has a lime vinaigrette base instead of a typical mayonnaise base. It’s perfect for those summer barbeques or even an accompaniment to a sandwich/burger/brat/hot dog. Give it a try!

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The One Thing I Did That Changed My Life

I think that in today’s world, we are all busy and we all have hard things that we have to deal with. Not one of us has an easy life. The only people with nothing to worry about are the dead ones… just saying. Now, I know that my life may not be as hard as someone else’s, I get that. The way I look at it, things could always be better and things could always be worse.

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Why You’re Not An Asshole For Saying “No” To Your Kids

In today’s fast-paced, instant gratification society, it is no surprise that kids constantly want, want, want. Before we moved to a home that did not have internet access, our kiddos never watched regular TV. Instead, they had Netflix, and at the time I didn’t realize just how awesome Netflix was. Sure, I understood that we could pick what we wanted to watch, and when we wanted to watch it, but something bigger was happening without my knowledge. Netflix was protecting my kids from this constant want, want, want or need, need, need mentality that is so ingrained in our society. How? Because the viewing was ad-free. The kiddos weren’t constantly being bombarded with the latest and greatest new toy every ten minutes. Think about that for a minute.

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